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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Mom the cat

Mom gets into bed. I move all of her stuff (water, food bits, tissues) to beside her bed and turn on her electric blanket. Ten minutes later, mom gets up and sits in her chair. I move all the stuff back, turn off her electric blanket. Ten minutes later she goes to the bathroom. (One good thing - she doesn't seem to just sit in the toilet for hours - yay! Or fall asleep in there - something I have done once or twice) Then back to her room to being the cycle again. At 6 in the morning. Yay.

Trying to play catch up a little. Just spent a few minutes cleaning off my computer's desktop. That was fun. I need to pay bills, but I think I will do that tomorrow - once Mary Chapin Carpenter is behind me. That brewhahaha starts at 12:30. But knowing them, they will probably just do whatever they want without regard to the schedule that they set up. We shall, of course, see. 

Ok, exhaustimicated. It was a long day flitting between the Smith and home. And I am fairly tired. So, more anon.

Thursday, April 23, 2015


Not a huge dilemma, but a small one. Do I try and make mom eat lunch or let her sleep? I am leaning towards letting her sleep and feeding her around her schedule. I don't have a lot on my plate today, so that's a good thing. (That's what I did and it worked out ok. Huzzuh!)

Lots of napping to day, after a shortish stint at the Smith. I don't know why I was feeling so exhausted today. Oh, yes I do. I had to get up by the alarm. Grrrrr. Luckily tomorrow's load-in is later in the day. I think I have it adequately staffed so I don't really need to be there too much. That would be good. 

Playing through the campaign on Advanced Warfare. It is interesting that all of the friends I made playing COD MW4 aren't playing the campaign in this game. I wonder why not. Oh well, not a biggie. Lots of games to play. 

Mom didn't eat anything of her dinner - well, she ate about two thirds of her salad, but didn't like either the mashed potatoes or the turkey. Sigh. I miss the mom who ate too much. Maybe she will come back, but that is doubtful. If only she liked the vitamin shakes I got for her, but she doesn't. Double sigh.

Tomorrow we have a concert at the Smith. Today's show went very smoothly without me. Yay. I hope tomorrow's goes as smoothly. 

Haven't gone back to sleep...

So, instead of sleeping, I came up with a thought about why the problem we were having with ticket sales was occurring. I went online and fixed it. Yay me. Then I started working on a draft document that Kelly has created. I might be doing more than just editing it, though...I will do what I am doing and give it back to her. Maybe she will credit me with co-authorship if she likes the changes I am making. Maybe not.

Mom is being a real pain in the butt today. Yay.

I am exhausted again. Up at 3 and then up at 6 and then up at 8 all to help mom - then from 8 until 9 almost incessant calls from mom - where am I? Where can I go? What can you do for me? Me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me. For an hour. And now it has started again. Sigh.

I got a bit of a nap. Yay. I also did some good work on the Kelly doc. And I even went out to run some errands. Spent longer than I thought I was going to at the Smith, talking with Kelly and getting a few little things accomplished. Then a brief stop at the Public Library (I love libraries - I wonder how they will evolve in the future...) to pick up two Audio books that were being held for me. One of them I had completely forgotten I had requested. The other is the next book in the Harry Potter series - book 5 The Order of the Phoenix. Yippee! Last, a quick stop at the grocery store to pick up some corn on the cob, some of mom's pills and a few other things. Now I am back home again. And could use another nap.

I am almost finished with The Goblet of Fire. Yippee! 

I tried to watch The Boxtrolls with mom, but she was having none of it and slept through most it. It wasn't all that engaging on the small screen. It might have been better on the big screen. Or on my computer with headphones or better sound. All in all, it seemed ok, not great. Glad I rented it, though. 

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

A day of not much

Tuesday - gotta love 'em in general. They aren't Monday, which for most people is a good thing. Since I am either working or on call most weekends, Mondays don't mean the same thing to me as people who have weekends off from work. Still, Monday is a fairly full day for me most weeks. So Tuesday, being mostly not full, is a relief. Yes, I have a bunch of things that I need to finish up on Tuesday for Wednesday and the rest of the week, but I can do those from home for the most part. So, it feels like a relaxing day. 

I always feel a little happier when I have figured out the dinner menu for a day. We are going to have a chicken casserole. Now that I have an oven that works (yippee) I can bake a full sized casserole or even two smaller ones. I can hardly wait. I have chicken and some left over veggies - need some mushrooms etc. Yippee. Dinner will be the casserole, some corn on the cob and a salad. What more could anyone want? (Too many bread crumbs - oh well - where were my fried onions when I needed them?)

Well, Spring is definitely here. Our mower was out doing a quick spring cleaning of the yard. I am tempted to get out there myself and rake for half an hour. We shall see if I ever feel motivated enough to actually do that. Having done mowing/landscaping off and on throughout the years, I know full well that it is not something that I particularly enjoy. I really enjoy lying on my bed typing. Now there is an activity that I can get behind! :)

Oops, fell asleep without posting this. Good thing mom woke me just now. Yippee!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Feeling a bit grey

Such is fromage. I am feeling a bit frustrated and unhappy. Grey, not blue. All I really want to do is wallow in that a bit. Ok, not really. I want to move past it. But to where is the question. There isn't any place that seems particularly appealing. Grrrr. This too shall pass, hopefully soon.

Mom is ensconced in her room watching a nature show - I played Dark Souls and have become so frustrated that I am not interested in playing it anymore. At all. All the things online that I can find tell me things that I can't do with the character I am playing or that just don't happen - like leap down on the creature and hit it for 50% of its hit points. Right. I keep landing at its feet and am stunned for a few seconds so it gets a free hit on me which usually kills me. Fun? I don't think so. I don't have to like every game or finish every game I start. Do I? I don't think so. Life is too short for that.

Why is mom such a chatty Cathy at 5 in the morning sometimes? Weird. So I am awake for a few minutes while she wanders around and talks at me. 

I was up for an hour or two and then went back to sleep. To paraphrase Oliver "Sleep, glorious sleep..." Took a shower and fed mom. I also started back on my apple, beet, carrot, lime juice thing in the morning. We will see how long it lasts this time. And I found a usage for the vodka infused fruit...

Mom is dreading her shower, but in a seemingly good natured way. I told her that she had promised not to argue about it. She doesn't remember saying that of course. Does it matter if she ever really did? (She did, but I am still curious...)

Mom got showered, I worked at the Smith (off and on today) and got little of my Monday Smith work accomplished - I will just have to do it tomorrow. 

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Simply Sunday

Off to a good start. I got  great amount of sleep after the past two days of having to get up at an hour to which I am not accustomed. Huzzuh! And mom did a decent job of getting herself to and fro from the bathroom. Without calling for me. Double huzzuh!

Mom's tummy is upset. That isn't fun for anyone. Poo, even. :)

We have had lunch and mom ate everything without complaint. Yippee, even. 

No exciting plans for the day. Some Smith work is all I really have on my plate.

I really need to start working on getting mom either more care here or get her to a nunnery, er nursing home. I can feel that those next steps are imminent. I thought it would be in January, but we have managed to Mid April. Go us.

Spring is spronged! Yay! We have bluets in our yard. And next door some daffodils. And our lilac bushes are starting to leaf and bud. How exciting is that?

Went shopping at the grocery store and bought some hamburger so that I can make meatballs for dinner. Yum. 

I also bought mom a red heart ballon and bought myself a whole pile of boxer shorts. I am so excited to change my underwear now. But I am holding on - anticipating the excitement tomorrow. So excited!!

Ok, definitely not playing Dark Souls or any of its variants anymore. When the first boss you play is 3 times as strong and the first thing that happens is that you are stunned without recourse - that just isn't fun. On to the next game.

Another early day

Today was another early start with an alarm sort of day. Huzzuh. I did get a couple hours of sleep, which is a good thing. I only went in to get things started for my staff member. Got there, got things going and came home. I have been working and napping since then. 

Lunch went much more smoothly today. Mom was awake and cooperative. Yay. Dinner will be corn on the cob, left over chicken and some salad. I need to use up my lettuce.

Wow, mom is in a state today! Wide awake and full of it. Where am I? It's not safe in my bed. I'm cold (it is 75 in her bedroom). I hurt all over (I have given her as much pain medication as I can according to the directions. And all of this over and over again. Yippee!

Just came back from the grocery store where I got a bunch of vegetables primarily. I don't know why, but I had a hankering for Challah and they were ought. I guess I shouldn't be surprised since it is Saturday. I bought some little bread rounds instead. Maybe a snack tonight of nutella or cheese or something. We shall see. 

Started a new game - one which promises to have the protagonist die a lot - and so far it has been true to its word. Joy. It might be too deathful for me to play. We shall see. So far it is pissing the hell out of me. Grrrrr.

Mom ate all of her dinner! Well, she didn't eat a little bit of the tiny salad I gave her, but she did eat everything else! Yippee!