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Friday, March 27, 2015

Sleepy already

Ok, I am just sleepy thinking about being at the Smith at 5 in the morning tomorrow. Sigh. I got up at 8 this morning and I am dragging. And I completely forgot about getting gels for the show. Know what? It will all work out, I am sure.

First stop this morning was The Smith. I wanted to be sure that the legs were up, the piano out and the sound system put away. Two out of three happened last night apparently and Terren put away our sound system this morning so there was nothing for me to do. Yippee! Instead, I did some other Smith work. Yay.

Got mom dressed and to her dentist appointment today. It is getting more and more difficult to get her anywhere. She is, though, a bit more biddable at times. Mixed blessings. Anyway, her teeth are ok, especially considering that she brushes her teeth, probably badly, once a week. Or sometimes two or three times in one day and then not again for two weeks. Sigh.

So, this morning I got a call from the incoming show saying - oh, hey, by the way, we were totally wrong about what time we were going to arrive, so can we change the crew call from tomorrow at 5:30 in the morning to 7 tonight? Thanks. That'd be great. What? Really? You didn't know this a week ago? Or even two or three days ago? Couldn't figure that out? Luckily a few of my staff are coming in to help out tonight. My hope is that we will be able to knock this out tonight and not have to have a 5:30 call tomorrow morning. But I am a bit chafed by this. It seems really unprofessional to me. But what do I know? I haven't been working in the theatre for 40 years...

Oooh, maybe I could crowdfund my trip across North America. As I think I have mentioned - my thought is to get a Mobile Home - teeny one that is electric or something - and go to all the mini golf places, pool halls (if any still exist), breweries and brewpubs and write about them. Hadn't thought about getting people to give me money upfront. Oh, and I could passively run for president at the same time.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Loose Ends

Life is loose ends? Who knows? Anyway, I finished listening to the first Harry Potter book. I wonder if there is an audience for watching the movies on the big screen again. I will float the idea at the film committee. It would have to be an Event - with vendors and food and things. Butterbeer! And other things. I think there are seven movies - three on Saturday, four on Sunday or vice versa? I would also like to show all three Hobbit Movies. Costly, but I think we might be able to make our money back. I have started on the second audio book. Yay.

Call me "cable pulling guy!" Yup, this morning, I helped our electrician with some very difficult cable pulling. I stood there and every time he pulled the cable from where he was, I pulled the cable from where I was so he could have some slack to work with. He said he was going to get me a certificate, but I think he was joking.

My good deed for the month has been accomplished - in looking through some papers, I came upon 6 movie gift certificates that a lovely young lady gave me for my birthday a few years back. They are only good in Raleigh and since I don't envision myself living there again anytime soon (or ever in fact), I offered them up on Facebook. Two friends asked of them, so I am mailing each of them three certificates. Good deed accomplished! Huzzuh!

Every Wednesday an email comes from Travel Zoo. Some weeks I only drool over one item, sometimes I drool over five or six. I miss traveling and being on the road. Sigh. It is so sad that my relatives live so far away and that none are willing to come spell me for long enough so that I can go on a real vacation. Then again, all too soon, mom won't be around, so...

Speaking of mom, I think her shingles are definitely winding down. I heard the aide today saying that they looked better. That would be nice. I think another week and the external manifestations of the shingles will be gone. Here's hoping that there is no residual nerve pain. That would suck.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015


The gate at the head of the stairs got me finally. I guess I was just not paying attention. A little pinch on my right pointing finger. I woke up this morning and there was an actual owie there. Owie!

One of the pluses about mom's current state is that she seems to be using less tissue paper in general. Small blessings?

My brain is feeling fuzzy. Maybe it is lack of good sleep. Who knows? I do know that I am a tiny bit concerned about the shows coming up. Not in a large way. I mean, it is the theatre, right? It will all work out in the end. (What is that line from Shakespeare in Love?) And it is a finite thing, this too shall pass. Eventually it will be Sunday again and both shows will be over and done with at The Smith. So, what's to worry about? Nada. But I digress. I am also concerned about how awake my crew is going to be on Friday morning at 5:30 am. I guess I will need to be in bed around 9 in order to be at the Smith by 5 ish. Sigh. And I don't know if anyone is going to be able to stay and work the shows - besides Terren who has to since no one else on my staff (well, maybe Pablo) is able to run Greg's sound console.

Went in and fixed a problem I had created with Theatre Manager. I will get my mind around that program at some point. It is starting to make some sense to me. Not a lot, but some. Later in the day I got the ticket booth printer up and running. It helps when both ends of the cable are plugged in as they ought to be. Sigh.

Watched Birdman tonight. Not sure what I thought about it. I have never really enjoyed Michael Keaton as an actor. I like Ed Norton generally. And Emma Stone, well, I love her. Overall, I liked it. But I didn't love it.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Getting fat

Seems to me that I am eating for two - making up for mom not eating by eating everything in sight. It will even out eventually, I do believe in moderation in all things (including moderation). 

Smith day all day. Yippee. I got a couple of steps further along in the setting up the ticket booth as a place from which to sell tickets. With a lot of help from the Artsman tech support people. I didn't know there was a green switch that I needed to move in order for tickets to be usable. That would have been a useful piece of information to have from the beginning. And it turned out that there were a few things unstated in their tech notes - first - that you can only use the browser option without an ethernet switch if you have a mac - of course - and that only Firefox seems to work. After we got those things worked out, we actually got the printer to accept its changed IP address. Huzzuh! I tested changing my printer in Theatre Manager to the new printer and I got half of a yippee - I guess that would either be a yip or a pee. I will work on it more tomorrow or the next day. 

And that was most of my day. I did meet with a guy who is going to help try to get me the right boxes so that I can connect sound and laptop images wherever we want them to go. After our Electrician did his thing, we now have a whole lot of plugs in the projection booth - so I replugged everything into their own separate plugs which makes me happy. I also replugged some of the other cords to try to make things a bit neater. And it is a bit neater. And everything that I tested worked. I didn't test the BluRay player or the laptop - maybe tomorrow. We shall see.

Amongst that, I also went to the bank, made lunch for mom, went to the library and took a nap. Fun stuff. 

Soon it will be dinner time. I can hardly wait. Mom is getting salad, salmon and tater tots while I get chicken pockets, salad and I don't know what else. Maybe a tot or two.

Mom ate about two thirds of her salad, a bit of salmon and a few tater tots. She is, though, mostly asleep. Not sure what to do about that...And she hates the ensure stuff - too sweet. Hmm...

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Look, more snow!

Now, "look" would make one think that I am putting in a picture of the new snowfall that we got last night. And, if I get my act together, I might just do that. Probably won't, but anything is possible.

Feeling a little tired this morning. Oh well - gotta push through a little work at the Smith - getting the projector back to baseline for the movies this afternoon and evening. The group that came in yesterday needed a lot of video tweaking to get it how they wanted it - and to accommodate using the cyc(lorama) as the projection screen. It would be really clever of me to write down these settings, wouldn't it. Sigh.

Went in and the settings were what they ought to have been. I don't know what that is about. Honestly, I am not making an effort to understand this projector that well. We will, hopefully, soon get a new projector. And server. And become, presto, DCI compliant. That would be nifty. Though movies that we get on DCP are probably going to be fairly costly. Rental and shipping. Anyway, it only took me half an hour to do all the movie stuff I had thought of. Then I took another half hour working on getting the second ticket printing printer set up - to no avail. I will try again on Monday. It really oughtn't to be as difficult as it is. Why they don't just factory install it with a large (high) IP address, I don't know. What ever. Maybe the Artsman support people will be a great help. Anything is possible.

Home became lunch land for a bit. I made mom a small lunch of crackers (she didn't eat them) a third of a banana, some ensure type drink and some orange glop. Oh, and hot coffee. She took a long time to take her pills, but did a decent job on the food. Still holding out hope that her diminished appetite is due to the pain from the shingles. Which, apparently, is getting worse. Fingers crossed that the shingles and the pain go away soon.

I am playing a sniper world war two game on my xBox. Not the best game, but entertaining in its way. I am also cruising through the first Harry Potter book on audio. Put a hold on the second. I wish that mom would like or understand Audio books. Sigh.

The second things that came out of the new oven - six chicken pockets and two pizza pockets! Yum!

These turned out much better than my last ones
More pictures! I am working on a de-cluttering track on Daily Challenge. Yay! I am only going to do it for 9 days for now, but will go back to it as it seems like it will be what I need a lot of in my life just now. I don't think Daily Challenge has a dating track. Hmm. I will have to see. But I am doing the challenges. One of them was to declutter my kitchen counters - something I did a few years ago when I first moved back. Here are the newly cleaned counters:

Left Counter all spiffy
Right Counter even spiffier
I hope to keep it about this clean, give or take, more or less...
Ditto with this counter - sans the laptop and the Harry Potter Book
Some of the stuff that came off the counters (not the puzzle stuff...)

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Where am I?

Right here at home, with a book and a drink...

Overslept a smidge - but still was first to the Smith today. Good thing too, since the people doing the show got there soon after I did. Nice group. I spent a couple hours there this morning getting things up and running. I like that I can focus on what I need to get done and let others do the stuff that they can do. When I left, they were having a few communication issues (meaning that one person was saying things that another person didn't understand - the headsets were working fine) which I am sure they will iron out given time. Which they have. Yay. I also got some of my other work down, like fixing the slide show and adding another movie to the website. Yippee! Next week, I want to get the ticket booth ticket printer working - and the credit card swiper set up. Bob did great and got the cat 5 cable run to the booth. There really isn't anything pressing until the weekend - two shows - one tech heavy, the other tech nebulous. And then, suddenly, March will be over. Eeeeeek! 

Soon it will be my birthday. Not that mom will know. Whatever. Not a huge deal at all. Not like it is a landmark birthday - 54 is not even remotely landmark like. 55, now there's a speed limit for you!

Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure:

Old Stove

New stove
Leftovers for dinner augmented with Brussels Sprouts, which mom ate a couple of weeks ago. Today she found them disgusting. Sigh. We are going to end up with a diet of ice cream, sweet potato and tater tots. Yay.

Friday, March 20, 2015

What's for dinner?

No ideas at all for dinner tonight except for maybe a retread of last night's dinner. For mom that was salad, salmon and tater tots. For me that was salad and some sushi (california roll) from Wegmsns.

Short post tonight - long day at the Smith, etc. (I love excuses, don't you?!)

Anyway, I am worried because mom's appetite seems to have been cut in a third. This scares me.

Oh, by the way, I made chicken pockets and a couple of pizza pockets, salad and tater tots. Yum. Mom barely ate anything. I hope that it has to do with the discomfort of the shingles. Fingers crossed.