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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Electric Blanket anyone?

So, what is your take on electric blankets? Personally, I am not a fan. But mom has been complaining of being cold all the time. So, today, I bit the bullet and purchased an electric blanket. Just a small one. A twin. Yes, I know that mom has a king sized bed, but she only sleeps on a piece of it. No King sized blanket was called for. My only worry is that mom will toast herself. Maybe, though, it will make her want to drink more water. And that is usually a good thing. I plan to put it on her bed tonight.

I also have to replace the "angel" lights in the living room. About four years ago, I put up some Christmas lights on a window in the living room. When I took down "Christmas" I left the lights up. That corner tends to be a little dark for one reason or another, so this made things a bit more cheerful. And they help me to know when mom is still up - she is still mostly able to remember how to turn them on and off (a large white button on the arm of the sofa).

On a completely different subject, I took the day off from the Smith on Monday. Mostly. I still worked about an hour, sigh. I just can't help myself. I like to get things done incrementally, so I don't have to cram everything in at the last minute. And there are a bunch of things that I can accomplish at home from the computer that need to get done. Oh, and I did stop in for a minute at the Smith. Just to see if anything exciting was happening. Nothing was. Yay!

Monday, September 22, 2014


Sometimes, it pays to be a working stiff. We had a reception at The Smith last night. I sort of knew what was happening and I sort of didn't. It all came together in the end, as things theatre sort of always do. I did have a tense while doing some computer stuff, but it all worked out. Anyway, it was a catered event. With food and a bar. At the end of the event, the caterer said - take what you want, we are throwing all of it out. So I took a lot of food home - and made dinner from some of it. Yippee! That just means that we are having breakfast for dinner another night. I can hardly wait.

Mom profited from my ill gotten gains - she got strawberries for lunch!

Sunday, September 21, 2014


When I am away from the house for long periods of time, I do worry that I might come back and find mom in some less than optimal condition - fallen, broken something (on her body - I don't care if things break in the house), uber confused, etc. The flip side of that, is, coming home and finding that mom has been gorging herself on anything she can find - as if I don't feed her enough. Last night I came home to find that she had been at the ice cream, big time. Three bowls in front of her and one small one in the kitchen. I asked her if she had any ice cream. "No, I haven't had any ice cream yet," was the response. I pointed at the three bowls in front of her and she said, oh, those, well there wasn't very much in any of them. Sigh. At least she was ok. And she still likes to eat. Those are both good things.

Long load-out for Cinderella last night. Long, hard load out in fact. One of my workers ended up not coming. Which meant that I actually had to do some heavy lifting. And there certainly was enough of that to go around. I had thought load-out would take an hour and a half. It didn't. It took. 3 hours! I was pretty tired by the time I got home. So I played a little and fell into bed. Only to get up and go back to the Smith again today. Sigh. Hopefully I will have most of Monday off from Smith things.

At least my current obsession on the xBox has been broken. True, it was broken by another game, but still, better than nothing. And, having finished with Star Trek for the time being, I am not watching as much on Netflix as I was. I will admit that the kitchen is in a bit of a distraught place recently - probably because I haven't been at the house that much over the past week. Ok, not really, I just don't clean the kitchen as much as would be nice. Oh well.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Just great

Mom had a weird little nubbin on her left wrist. One that she worried a lot. Rub, rub, rub. Pick, pick, pick. Rub, rub, rub. Well, I head a little "Damn" from her and went to see what was wrong. Turns out her nubbin was bleeding. I told her that she shouldn't rub it (for the gazillionth time). She said she hadn't rubbed it. I said "Really?" She said "Really. I cut it off." So I took away all of her nail scissors. Sigh. At least it is making her tractable and docile than she sometimes is...spoke too soon - she wants her scissors back!

I think the home health aide and I took away eight pairs of scissors! Eeek! Luckily, the aide now has permission to help trim mom's nails! Yay!

Long, long Smith Day. And a longer one Saturday and another longish one on Sunday. Maybe I will take Monday off. We shall see. Friday was spent working on getting Cinderella put together - taken off of trucks, out of boxes and set-up. It looks great! And the lighting work we did all was good. We did have to stay a little late to work on cabling of the light trees - lighting trees that stand on the side of the stage - often used in dance performances.

Saturday was an early day - and it was slightly miscommunicated. I thought our techs were needed to run sound and light - not the case - only the deckhands were needed for the cue-to-cue - or spacing - rehearsal. I left Terren in charge and came home for a nap. I need all my good will if I am to successfully take mom down to see the show this evening. Wish me luck!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Work work work work

It looks like there will be a bunch of hours a day for the next three days spent at the Smith. Though I do have, I think, a full staff, so I won't have to be there if I feel that I don't have to be. That would be nifty. What I don't have, and would like, is an elder baby sitter. And for less than $20 an hour. Sigh.

While working on inputting cues for Cinderella, I learned a good bit about the old light board that we have. Like, if the master level is not at 100% all of the lighting percentages that are input are not what they seem. In other words, if it is off by even a fraction, much confusion can occur. As it did me. Sigh. One of my hopes for the Smith is to have a new (to us at least) light board at some point in the not so very distant future. Oh, and I had one of those epiphany-lets: we need to replace some signage with digital signage since the marquee was taken down so very long ago. (If I am not making sense, I blame the hour. It is 8 am as I type this - only 6 hours of sleep.)

Without realizing it, well, that isn't strictly true, I have been doing the Daily Challenge thing for over 3 years without missing a day. Where's my prize?

Had a weird and not good interaction with a vendor this week.

Me: Hey, we're missing something from our order.
Vendor: Ok, I'll send a replacement. If I get it out today, you will have it tomorrow.
Me: Cool, thank you!
Half an hour later. (Close to five - i.e. too late to get the order out that day...)
Vendor: Are you sure you didn't get it?
Me: Quite sure.
Vendor: Because I am sure I sent it.
Me: Really, quite sure.
Vendor: Ok, well. I will get it out tomorrow - you will have it on Wednesday!
Me: (A little irked not to be getting it Tuesday) Fine.
Wednesday - no package - Thursday no package
Thursday - Me: Hi, where's my stuff?
Vendor: You said you would have someone pick it up.
Me: Do you remember telling me it would only cost $10 for you to send it - and me saying great, cause it would cost me three times that to send someone. Then you saying that you would send it so I would get it Wednesday - UPS ground?
Vendor: Yes, I remember. Then I remember you saying that you would have someone pick it up.
Me: Please send it!
Vendor: Ok.

Grrrr. If I don't get it today, it will make me less than professional. Grr, grr, grr.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

All better

I can type "l" with impunity! Huzzuh! The healing qualities of time!

In the middle of a little dilemma. I need to head back to the Smith in a little bit - and stay for an hour and a half or so - maybe a little longer - do I try and cook dinner before I go or wait until I come back - closer to 8 pm. Sigh. I think I need to try and get it done before dinner. (Got it handled)

And another today - this time I am going to go, start the movie and then come home and cook dinner. Then back to do a symposium/talk back sort of thing. Yay.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Not quite a week of juicing

By juicing, I mean making juice from fruit and vegetables, not using steroids to enhance muscle growth, in case anyone was confused. I like my physique as it is. Soft and flabby - getting softer and flabbier by the minute! Yay!

I am not noticing any benefits from my juicing regime so far. Though I am getting some muscles from washing the blinkety-blank juicing machine every day. My hair doesn't seem any more shiny. I am not losing weight (not that I really have much to lose, if any). I don't seem smarter. Hmm. Maybe I am doing it wrong. Maybe I need to take it intravenously? Anything is possible.

Fedex irked the hell out me yesterday. I am waiting on a new blu-ray player. It was supposed to be delivered on Friday. And it wasn't. Well it was, but it wasn't. The delivery guy couldn't manage to find the entrance to the Smith. Nor could he the next day. Nor the next. So today, I called them to see what the hell was happening. Apparently the driver wasn't a ground driver (whatever that means) and he tried the big glass doors on the front of the building and gave up when he found them locked. Sigh. The first customer service person told me I would have to drive to Rochester to pick the package up. The second one told me that they couldn't communicate with their drivers. What? Who did he think he was talking to?! Then a real customer service person called me and told me that the driver was too far away to come back (but hadn't been when I first called, since I called 5 minutes after he had failed in his third try to deliver the package) (and I had been in the building for half an hour already at that point) and that they would send a ground delivery person - still not sure why that makes a difference - today (Wednesday) to try again. Oh. My. Word! I am probably not going to set up the device tomorrow as I won't really have time to play with it before the movie that night or the movie on Thursday - both are on disk and not on the server. I will probably set it up next week at some point. (Got it, btw)

We have a busy week this week. I am still working on getting the lighting accomplished. I got a pretty good rhythm going, and if I hadn't had to spend an hour on the phone, I would have had the lion's share of the cues input. Wednesday - more light work, as well as a meeting and a movie - I don't have to stay for the whole movie, but I will be there to get it started. Then Thursday, I have to be there at the beginning and at the end of the movie. But I won't have to stay for the whole thing. I have a projectionist there to do that. Yippee! Friday, the ballet people arrive. Saturday is the ballet and I have promised to take mom. Sunday we have a conference meeting of some kind about which I know very little. Sigh. I'll just happily wing it. With help from someone. I will ask amongst the crew on Friday and Saturday and see if anyone is available for Sunday. Phew. I hope I survive.