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Wednesday, March 4, 2015


The temperature at 5:12am on Wednesday morning in Geneva, NY is a balmy 37°F. It is going to be above freezing most of the day! Huzzuh! I was just outside in a t-shirt and boots playing choochoo train in my walkways. Mom and I get to go to her dentist appointment this afternoon. Yippee! An outing! Always a reason to celebrate. This is going to be mom's first time downstairs in a few weeks. I am tempted to take her to Friendly's for dinner, but am concerned about all the issues involved in a meal out. We shall see. (They called to reschedule - seems like this is the second time that has happened...) For now, I think I will try to get a few more hours of sleep. That would be nifty...

The puzzle movie is on hold - not because I don't want to do it, but because creatively I am a little stymied just now where it is concerned. Fear not, it will get done. Eventually. I hear that patience is a virtue. Hahaha.

I took the plunge and am going to go further spelunking into the depths of software upgrades. This morning before I went back to sleep, I started the download and upgrade process for my phone - the download took 6 hours - well, it ended up actually only taking four (!) - which unfortunately was exactly when I was supposed to be getting a call from an Elder Care Lawyer. Oops. We ended up speaking on the house's landline instead. Choices and options. Huzzuh!

Tonight I think I am going to update the software on my laptop. I don't really want to, because nothing is broken on here - but life moves forward and I don't want to get too far behind the technological curve, do I?

It is so warm outside! Things are melting, slowly. I went out to clear a little of the driveway and discovered a few things: slush is heavy, my shovel is broken, and my car lost a piece of plastic that is making things tough for my right front tire. Yippee.

Shopping at Walmart is always a joy. I went to buy mom some more underpants. They had a price thing that was wrong. Hate that. It said what I was buying was $75 per hundred - when it was actually   closer to $40 per hundred. I bought myself some socks, too. One of the newest socks I had mysteriously sprouted a hole in the toe. Grrr. I liked that sock too. I had named it and everything. (Sockie, in case you were curious - or Harriet - it answered to neither.)

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

A conglomeration (Is that the group word for some sort of critter?)

Is my Blu-ray player remembering where each and every disc was stopped? I think it does! How cool is that?! I love technology most of the time. I was disappointed to discover that one of the web cameras I bought was not plug and play like the other cameras I bought. I am not looking forward to returning it. I hope it is easy. I really need to get on that. I don't know how long I have. Eeek! So little to do, so much time to do it and all I want to do is nothing! Yay!

Turns out I had until March 22 - and it was pretty easy - they charged me some shipping, but I am ok with that. Getting it out of my hands was the important thing to me. I will make due with two cameras for the time being.

For some reason I have been thinking about the Dragon Riders of Pern series. I think the technology is there to make the movie now. And it might be a great franchise movie. I might just have to read all 111 of them again at some point. (Ok, so there are only 22 or 24 or 25 or something) (And it turns out that movies and such have been attempted for years - but a new one was started in 2014 - at least the writing bit was...)

We have had a weird weather day. Nice in the morning, blizzard in the afternoon turning to a snowfall of snocone consistency precipitation and it is getting warmer throughout the night - to a high of 37. Since the sun isn't shining and the wind is blowing pretty heavily, I don't think much melting, sadly, will go on. Poo. Yay weather!

Finished Live From New York. It was compiled back in 2002 or so - so it is a bit out of date. I was amazed at the people who have gone through that show. A lot of talent. I am glad that I read it. Big book! 500+ pages. Eeek. I still have another book I got from the library, but what I really want to read are the aforementioned Pern books. Ok, there are a few other books that I would like to read, mostly parts of series. There is one series that I was reading a while ago - I wonder if another book came out in that series. It is supposed to be the last, but I don't think it can be with the rate that the story has been progressing. What do I know. Brandon whatshisname managed to tie up The Wheel of Time series in three books when it looked like there ought to be another six.

Monday, March 2, 2015

That's New

Mom is getting to be more disoriented more often. Today she asked when she we were going home. And where she could sleep. And if it was bed time. And she threw away her water glass. Not sure what that last one is about - but it seemed pretty odd to me.

Got the package of documents from the Alzheimer's Association. I will look through it and see what I can see.

I am, once again, working on cleaning up the brand new computer we (I) bought for the Smith. I hate windows so much! To remove a program you have to go to a window and choose to uninstall it. What crap?! Still a bunch of crap on there, I think - but I broke the machine and then fixed it again. Next step, installing the software that is needed for use at the Smith. It all takes so much longer than I would like, when using a PC.

Short post again tonight - most of the day was spent on the blinkety-blank pc. Poo.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Lazy Sunday

Thanks to the visit of my friend yesterday, mom went to sleep at a reasonable hour and only woke me up twice! Yay! I got to sleep until 10 am for the most part. Woo hoo even!!

What else happened today? I read a lot - trying to get through (not in a bad way) - the book about Saturday Night Live. I do recommend the book, but not for everyone. It is written as a lot of quotes from people associated with Saturday Night Live. And some comments by the person (or persons) who compiled the book. It is amazing how many people were on the show over the years. And how many of them became household names. So it is a cool book. But since it is all people reminiscing, it can get a little wishy washy.

I went to the grocery store, which is always exciting. One of the checkers actually said it was nice to see me. Made my day.

I played a little - I am really enjoying Dishonored over all. It has some issues of course, but generally it is fun! Yay fun!

No napping today! Huzzuh!

Dinner was left over chicken with peanut sauce, mashed potatoes (with feta and garlic and sour cream), steamed beans and baked (roasted) Brussels Sprouts. Mm, mm, good!

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Nice Day!

It has been a lovely Saturday thus far, despite the lack of sleep caused by a bit of overnight mom waking action. Yay!

First, our handy guy came and tried to cover the rust on the ceiling tiles in the red room with more white paint. I think another thirty coats and they might just disappear. Maybe. He also is getting more serious about putting in a removable gate at the top of the stairs. He noticed that there had been a gate there previously. I sort of vaguely remember a gate there - does anyone else? (I know that Karl won't read this, so Juliet? Ernst?) I think it is going to be pricey! And who knows if it will be any help at all. Anyway...

Then, a friend from Syracuse came with the primary intention of spending time with mom so that I could have a little time off. Yippee! Since this was her first time here, I decided to not venture too far afield, in case they didn't get along or in case there were questions. As a great guest, she actually came bearing gifts. A bookcase (who can't use another bookcase?!)

Lovely bookcase
Nummy cookies!

and a big plate of delicious cookies! Score! She spent most of the day sitting with mom, knitting and chatting. I fed us lunch (though I made her make her own salad) and then napped a bit and then took a quick trip to the Smith and puttered there for a bit. Then headed to Wegman's to get some of the ingredients for dinner tonight. I am making a version of tacos where the filling gets put in bun dough making a sort of taco sandwich pocket thingie. I am hoping that it will be easy for mom to eat that way. Anything is possible. If not, I will, next time, go back to making beans and rice and mixing all of that together. But I do like to do a little experimenting now and again.

Turned out ok - needed more filling I think

I also broke up some ice in the front of the house. My driveway is kind of scary just now. But I did do a little work on it. Yay.

Oh, I forgot to say that I have been working, slowly, on preparing for the next step in mom care. I called the Alzheimer's Association and am getting a packet of information from them, as well as an application for Respite care for mom. For me. For both of us. If I play my cards right, I can get 80 hours of respite help this year. Oooh, that would be nifty. I also have been playing phone tag with an elder care lawyer. My big questions for her are: what questions do I need to ask an elder care lawyer; what assets can be protected; how expensive is getting that help; what happens when mom goes into a nursing home, while there is still insurance money and after the insurance money runs out; when to transfer the house into my name and how I go about doing that - etc. Lots of questions, I guess. I will try again on Monday, all things being equal. Speaking of mom, we get to go to the dentist on Wednesday. Huzzuh. I get so confused at the end of February - how suddenly it becomes March. What a difference a couple or three days make!

Tonight I am going to watch Lucy. I am not all that excited about the movie itself, just interested in watching Scarlett Johansson. Yay! Though I do generally like Luc Besson movies...

Friday, February 27, 2015

Twitter Sucks

I am so irked at twitter it isn't even funny. For some reason, emails from them don't get to my earthlink account. This happened once before and it got resolved. So far, I have yet to hear an actual peep (or tweet) out of their tech support. Poo on them, even. Double poo. On a stick. And still not a peep out of their tech support. Hate them lots!

As some of you have heard, I have been looking for a lost pair of shoes. For a couple of weeks. I looked in all the places that made sense to me. In my room (which, admittedly, was less than pristine), in my car and at the Smith. No luck. So I searched more deeply - which to me means actually moving stuff. Cleaning my room and taking a bunch of clutter out of my bedroom closet did not reveal the shoes. Asking at the Smith if they turned up in the lost and found did not reveal the shoes. I checked my off - and again, lifted things up. I lifted all the stuff in my car (not the car itself, I am strong but not that strong), opened the unopenable trunk (and lifted stuff) and still no shoes. Well gosh, where could they be. Next thought? Under furniture - in my mom's room - nope, in my bedroom, nope, at the Smith (I had this niggling feeling that I left them under the light board at some point - but I didn't), in my living room at home - ahhhhh! Eureka (or is that Geronimo?)!

I am watching both Fringe and Witches of East End. Boy the Witches of East End is terrible!

Thursday, February 26, 2015


For some reason, I added Malificent to my Netflix DVD list. It arrived yesterday. I planned to watch it with mom, but when the time came, she was asleep. And after watching a bit of the movie, I realized that she wouldn't get it, probably. Too fantastic (in the way of magic and fantasy and such). Overall, I enjoyed the movie. Yay. Anyone else seen it?

Yay, laundry is done! Well, the hardest part is done - the washing and drying - ok, not really that hard - just a bunch of lugging. And quarters. (No Mary, I still haven't bought a washer for the house, sigh). And I did some Smith work - mostly working on the slideshow and talking with Kelly about events past and future. Lots of stuff coming up in the summer. Yippee?

Tomorrow it is back to the beginning - March is replete with events. I just hope I can get some help. We shall see.