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Friday, September 19, 2014

Work work work work

It looks like there will be a bunch of hours a day for the next three days spent at the Smith. Though I do have, I think, a full staff, so I won't have to be there if I feel that I don't have to be. That would be nifty. What I don't have, and would like, is an elder baby sitter. And for less than $20 an hour. Sigh.

While working on inputting cues for Cinderella, I learned a good bit about the old light board that we have. Like, if the master level is not at 100% all of the lighting percentages that are input are not what they seem. In other words, if it is off by even a fraction, much confusion can occur. As it did me. Sigh. One of my hopes for the Smith is to have a new (to us at least) light board at some point in the not so very distant future. Oh, and I had one of those epiphany-lets: we need to replace some signage with digital signage since the marquee was taken down so very long ago. (If I am not making sense, I blame the hour. It is 8 am as I type this - only 6 hours of sleep.)

Without realizing it, well, that isn't strictly true, I have been doing the Daily Challenge thing for over 3 years without missing a day. Where's my prize?

Had a weird and not good interaction with a vendor this week.

Me: Hey, we're missing something from our order.
Vendor: Ok, I'll send a replacement. If I get it out today, you will have it tomorrow.
Me: Cool, thank you!
Half an hour later. (Close to five - i.e. too late to get the order out that day...)
Vendor: Are you sure you didn't get it?
Me: Quite sure.
Vendor: Because I am sure I sent it.
Me: Really, quite sure.
Vendor: Ok, well. I will get it out tomorrow - you will have it on Wednesday!
Me: (A little irked not to be getting it Tuesday) Fine.
Wednesday - no package - Thursday no package
Thursday - Me: Hi, where's my stuff?
Vendor: You said you would have someone pick it up.
Me: Do you remember telling me it would only cost $10 for you to send it - and me saying great, cause it would cost me three times that to send someone. Then you saying that you would send it so I would get it Wednesday - UPS ground?
Vendor: Yes, I remember. Then I remember you saying that you would have someone pick it up.
Me: Please send it!
Vendor: Ok.

Grrrr. If I don't get it today, it will make me less than professional. Grr, grr, grr.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

All better

I can type "l" with impunity! Huzzuh! The healing qualities of time!

In the middle of a little dilemma. I need to head back to the Smith in a little bit - and stay for an hour and a half or so - maybe a little longer - do I try and cook dinner before I go or wait until I come back - closer to 8 pm. Sigh. I think I need to try and get it done before dinner. (Got it handled)

And another today - this time I am going to go, start the movie and then come home and cook dinner. Then back to do a symposium/talk back sort of thing. Yay.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Not quite a week of juicing

By juicing, I mean making juice from fruit and vegetables, not using steroids to enhance muscle growth, in case anyone was confused. I like my physique as it is. Soft and flabby - getting softer and flabbier by the minute! Yay!

I am not noticing any benefits from my juicing regime so far. Though I am getting some muscles from washing the blinkety-blank juicing machine every day. My hair doesn't seem any more shiny. I am not losing weight (not that I really have much to lose, if any). I don't seem smarter. Hmm. Maybe I am doing it wrong. Maybe I need to take it intravenously? Anything is possible.

Fedex irked the hell out me yesterday. I am waiting on a new blu-ray player. It was supposed to be delivered on Friday. And it wasn't. Well it was, but it wasn't. The delivery guy couldn't manage to find the entrance to the Smith. Nor could he the next day. Nor the next. So today, I called them to see what the hell was happening. Apparently the driver wasn't a ground driver (whatever that means) and he tried the big glass doors on the front of the building and gave up when he found them locked. Sigh. The first customer service person told me I would have to drive to Rochester to pick the package up. The second one told me that they couldn't communicate with their drivers. What? Who did he think he was talking to?! Then a real customer service person called me and told me that the driver was too far away to come back (but hadn't been when I first called, since I called 5 minutes after he had failed in his third try to deliver the package) (and I had been in the building for half an hour already at that point) and that they would send a ground delivery person - still not sure why that makes a difference - today (Wednesday) to try again. Oh. My. Word! I am probably not going to set up the device tomorrow as I won't really have time to play with it before the movie that night or the movie on Thursday - both are on disk and not on the server. I will probably set it up next week at some point. (Got it, btw)

We have a busy week this week. I am still working on getting the lighting accomplished. I got a pretty good rhythm going, and if I hadn't had to spend an hour on the phone, I would have had the lion's share of the cues input. Wednesday - more light work, as well as a meeting and a movie - I don't have to stay for the whole movie, but I will be there to get it started. Then Thursday, I have to be there at the beginning and at the end of the movie. But I won't have to stay for the whole thing. I have a projectionist there to do that. Yippee! Friday, the ballet people arrive. Saturday is the ballet and I have promised to take mom. Sunday we have a conference meeting of some kind about which I know very little. Sigh. I'll just happily wing it. With help from someone. I will ask amongst the crew on Friday and Saturday and see if anyone is available for Sunday. Phew. I hope I survive.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Master Chef and such

It was quite a busy day at the Smith. We worked on setting up lights from 10 till 12 and then from 2 till five. I will admit that the entering of the cues is taking a lot longer than I had anticipated. Mainly from user error I would think. Three steps forward, two steps back, five steps forward, three steps back, one forward, etc. I think I have completed 10 out of 75 cues. Eeek! Meanwhile, my staff did a good job getting the gritty work - hanging, circuiting and gelling the instruments in accordance with the ballet's light plot for this weekend - handled with minimal supervision. All we have to do is some rough focussing, some more gelling and some cabling to get ready for 10 circuits on each side of the stage for side lighting. Wow. That will be a lot of cable! Just a lot more slogging. Sigh.

I came home three times - once for lunch, once for dinner and once in the evening - to check on mom. The third time she was, sadly, freaking out. I settled her down, put on a Thin Man movie and hoped that the timing would work out. It didn't.

Because of inclement weather, the signal got dropped - we use an HD antenna to get TV to the Smith - and I had to hustle back. I arrived just in time to see the whole group of people de-Smithify. If they had only waited another 15 minutes (yes, after I had returned and brought the antenna back inside), everything would have been fine. But they didn't. They did eventually come back. In time to see our Geneva native win! Yay!

Just finished watching Star Trek from TOS through Voyager but I haven't watched all of the Enterprise episodes. Yet. They are on my list, but about #5. I need to watch some non-Star Trek stuff for a while.

I type therefore I type...

Here's the thing about Facebook: if you have cool pictures to share - put them on instagram.

Here's another thing: I comment on a lot of FB posts. And like a bunch as well. Bully for me.

I would like the Apple Watch if it weren't tethered to a phone. An Apple watch/phone.

Saw a woman last night that I would have a crush on if I still had those kinds of things...oh, right, I do. Nevermind. And I will most likely never see her again.

Monday, September 15, 2014


A friend's son just died last night. He was a great kid and it came as a big surprise to everyone. I am sure we will learn more eventually, right now, just sending happy thoughts! This is not the sort of news I like to wake up to.

I have had a pleasant sort of vacation for the past couple of weeks. Or rather, I am about to go into a fairly busy couple of weeks at The Smith. Today is going to be a bit of a marathon - not that I have ever or will ever (though ever is a long time) run or walk or anything a marathon - but that is the expression. I am heading into the Smith at 10 and will be there till noon. Then back at 2 and there till 5 or so. Then back at 6 until 11. Though I have staff. Or rather I might have staff. So I might not be there the whole time. That would be nifty. Why have staff if they can't help make it so that I can actually do my job (directing them to do the actual hands on work)?

Speaking of work, I am a little irked. Some (most) of my workers are not good about responding to emails. In social life, I totally understand. Life gets in the way, friends will understand, etc. In work, I don't understand. An email is like a contract. I send a message asking for or stating specific information. I need to know that the message has been received and understood. When I hear nothing, I don't get that closure, that agreement. Grrr. Ok, I just sent out a nice message (I thought it was nice) asking everyone to respond. I know I will get a couple of people responding to that message in various ways. Sigh.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

How the mighty have fallen

Luckily, I haven't tried to create soufflés, otherwise they might have fallen too. I was looking in my fridge last night, for some dip from Wegman's, when I glanced at two flavors of balsamic vinegar that I have on my vinegar shelf. Yes, I have a shelf mostly made up of different types of vinegars. Did you know that there are lots of different types of vinegars? There was a time in my life when I thought all vinegar was the same. Anyway, I realized that at one point during my tenure here at Chez Schoen-René I was cooking up quite a storm, making lots of different meals and trying lots of different things. Not so much any more. Now that mom's memory is so far gone, and her taste buds are not as adventurous, adventuresome, I have been sticking to a more boring set of food and dinner options. Easier, for sure. But not as much fun...oh, I just remembered, I might have left over hot dogs and baked beans in the fridge! And it is lunch time! Callooh! Callay!

For those keeping track, yes, I still have some owiness in my right ring finger. Sigh. Maybe sensitivity is a better word for it. 

I added some witch finger grapes to this morning's juice. Has anyone ever heard of or seen these cool grapes? I have another cool grape that I will tell you about after I taste them. 

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Rainy Day!

Yay, it is raining. And cool. That's cool. I wish I could send this rain to droughty bits of the country and world. Where is the much vaunted weather control that was supposed to be up and functioning according to Science Fiction of the 50s? Hmm? And I want my self driving/flying car! (Jet packs never did it for me)

My owness quotient is down to about a 2 out of 100 at this point. Still a smudge sensitive but I don't wince every time I type an "l."

Oh, I am in love! I thought I should share the good news! I bought a bidet for my bathroom (thinking that mom wouldn't be able to figure out how to use a bidet at this point in her mental decline). It wasn't very expensive. No bells and whistles. Just pushes out a nice variable strength stream of water upon request. I hadn't realized what I had been missing this whole time. The only time I had a used a bidet previously was while traveling in Europe as a child and I did it wrong and got water every where. But that was 40+ years ago. Now I sing the praises of the bidet! My world is rocked! And a bit damper than usual, but thems the breaks.